Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dual Real Estate Agents in Thomasville, and South Georgia

How smart is Your Realtor on Green Homes.
Realtors in the Thomasville, Georgia Area are trying to jump on the green wagon, but they have no idea what is the deference between energy features and energy efficient home. Just because you have a home that has thermal windows, and door and extra insulation does not make the home energy efficient. If the insulation is not installed appropriate it will not make any deference in your home. An Energy Star green home starts from the beginning of construction to the end of construction. When Realtors in the Thomasville, Georgia talk about green homes without knowing what a green home is it just makes them ignorant. Look for a Real Estate Agent that is certified in green homes.

The Meaning of Steering: If you have a real estate license, you know the definition of steering: the illegal funneling of home buyers to a particular area based on the desire to keep the makeup of that neighborhood the same or intentionally change it, or showing your clients homes that are listed by the brokerage firm only to keep the full commission. If they tell you that they show all listings. I would make sure that the yard sign I see in the front of each listing is not from the same brokerage office. This would be considered STEERING. I would also read up on Dual Agency in Georgia "Who is Your Agent Working For"! - LOOK FOR A BUYER'S AGENT WHEN SHOPPING FOR A HOME! Email Use For More Info. Goto

Yard Signs:
With the lack of home buyers do to the economy it looks like some realtors and brokers are keeping buyers restricted to their office listings only. Buyers one way to make sure you're not being restricted is to keep a look out for the brokers yard sign. If you keep seeing the same yard sign from the same listing brokers office you are being (Restricted) Realtors and Brokerage offices in Thomasville Georgia can add the words "We Show All Listing" to their website all they want it does not change the fact that they DO NOT show all listings.

Dealing with dual real estate agents:
Historically, real estate agents have represented the seller of a property. The seller, after all, is usually the one who pays their commission, and agents therefore have a fiduciary relationship with the seller. This in no way means that agents may operate outside the bounds of the law and ethical conduct of course. It just means that the real estate agent is just that, an authorized agent of the seller for a particular transaction. More recent trends have introduced buyer's agents, who usually work exclusively for the buyer, and dual agents. Dual agents represent both seller and buyer, particularly in cases where the agent's company is the listing company. Dual agency is legal in most U.S. states; however, most consumer advocacy organizations recommend against using a dual agent. This is because there is an inherit conflict of interest for the agent - they receive a commission based on the selling price of the property. The higher the price, the higher their commission, so their reasoning is that dual agents never really have the buyer's best interests at heart. If you've decided to work with a dual agent, this will need to be disclosed to both the buyer and seller, and they both have to agree, in writing. Dual agents are bound by law and ethics to treat both buyers and sellers honestly, equally, and fairly. Dual agents can be prevented from divulging confidential information about each party to the other. This could severely harm negotiating positions. The bottom line in dealing with a dual agent is to remember that the buyer and seller have conflicting interests in the price and other terms of the sale. It's very difficult for an agent to truly and equally represent both parties, since the conflicting interests make that inherently impossible. If you do choose to use a dual agent, be sure the exact nature of your relationship with the dual agent is clear, know what services the agent will be performing for you during the transaction, how the agent will be paid, and how any conflicts that arise will be handled.

Buyer's Agent a better choice!
The Listing Agent, unless specifically disclosed otherwise, represents the seller in any transaction for the sale of a home. It is that Agent's fiduciary duty to protect the seller's position at all times. No matter what they tell you their loyalty will lie with their selling clients. That is why you should want an agent with experience to work for you to represent YOUR interest as a buyers agent when buying a home.