Friday, April 9, 2010

Buyers and Sellers Working With Dual Agency: BEWARE:!

Extra Square footage:

In the Thomasville, GA area the square footage of a listed property is not always the same as public record. We are not sure why the lot size is always correct, but the homes square footage is not. One reason would be to make the price of the home square footage look more attractive or the home had an unfinished room that was done after construction and the owner did not inform the county of the change, if they did their property taxes would go up. NOW you as the buyer are responsible for the extra square footage that does not have a permit. I would always ask for the public record and ask why it is not the same.

Lately, I have noticed more and more the practice of Advocating. Advocating is when an agent in a dual agency only shows you properties from their on office or just their own listings. I believe this should be outlawed in all states is when a state allows dual agents and agency to only show properties from their own brokerage office or their own listings to keep a bigger commission in-house when 95% of the brokerage office listing properties are being sold in-house more times than not the practice of DUAL AGENCY is accruing. You can be sure it is not because that office has the best looking properties in town. Even though DUAL AGENCY is legal in many states and many agents preach and even make themselves believe that this type of agency does not harm either parties are just convincing themselves that it's a good practice. Consumers have a choice in proceeding with this form of agency (it is not recommended by many) if advised by their representing agents what the true meaning of this agency is. Some consumers have no issue with this type of agency because they can represent themselves based on their real estate experience and this is great but always keep in mind that the agent is truly representing the sellers if the buyers are buying from the seller’s agent. I would also read up on Dual Agency in Georgia "Who is Your Agent Working For"! - LOOK FOR A BUYER'S AGENT WHEN SHOPPING FOR A HOME! Email Use For More Info.

Yard Signs: in Thomasville, GA.
With the lack of home buyers do to the economy it looks like some realtors and brokers are keeping buyers restricted to their office listings only. Buyers one way to make sure you’re not being restricted are to keep a look out for the brokers yard sign. If you keep seeing the same yard sign from the same listing brokers office you are being (Restricted) Realtors and Brokerage offices in Thomasville Georgia can use the words "We Show All Listing" to their website all they want it does not change the fact that they DO NOT show all listings.