Friday, June 18, 2010


A listing agent of a property is working for the seller. If you happen to have the unfortunate luck to buy a home from the same agent that is listing the property that agent is working for the seller NOT YOU, so he/she is going to try and get as much for that seller as possible because the more they get for that property the more they make on the commission. And by having the same agent working the deal he/she makes the whole commission. A Win Win for the agent and Brokerage office and bad for the buyer. We will never know if he/she the buyer really got the best price for that home? Remember an agent in this position can not negotiate if they do they would be violating the license LAW. Negotiation is a big part of an agent’s job and if this portion is taken out from the equation the agents functions is merely a paper pusher. If you as a buyer do not mind having your agent function in this position by all means!